lunes, 23 de julio de 2012

Book "Terrorizing Women"

I was given this book as a gift last Saturday by one of the contributors of this ever shocking and eye opening compilation of articles and testimonies of key women rights defendors in Latin America. The prologue is by Marcela Large who I have the honor to call my professor.

Receiving a book as a gift is always special but this was very significant since it is coming from Hilda Morales Trujillo, incoming adjoined ombudswoman of Guatemala.

We have recently met. I am also working for tha comission and on a meeting we had Saturday she came with the book. Wow I felt noticed, valued in a my sensitivity for the topic and in my intellect for her to trust I was going to read it. Thank you Hilda!

So far I have read Hilda Morales' contribution to the book. Here are some extracts of my choice:

"these instruments and mechanisms define the phenomenon as gender violence... This definition recognizes that gender is a social construction used to differentiate the roles socially assigned to men and women that translate into discrimination, oppression, subordination, and the exclusion of people of the femenine gender" page 129

"It is understood, as international and regional instruments regarding violence against women affirm, that causes of such violence lie in the historically unequal relations of power between men and women" page 130

"... Act of feminicide, which for her (marcela lagarde) means a repeated violation of human rights that culminates in assassination and constitutes genocide against women that is characterized most of all by impunity" page 131

(in Guatemala) "on the other hand, the state, through its inability to fullfill its duties contributes to impunity, silence and social indifference" page 131 "The argument has been made that the violent deaths of these women correspond to the more generalized violence that exists in Guatemala, but this does not address the special characteristics of these killings" page 132

 "The cost of femicides are reflected in the suffering and the emotional inestability lived by the daughters, sons, fathers, and other family members of women, together with the re-victimization these family members face when they approach the justice system and confront its negligence, indifference, and irresponsability" page 134

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